The mission of the College of Staten Island's Modern Languages Media Center is to support and promote the study and instruction of foreign langauges, literatures and cultures through the integration of instructional technology for both student and faculty use.

If there are any announcements pertaining to the lab such as early closure, tutoring cancelations, etc., it will be posted here:

Last day for ASL tutoring will be Dec. 20th — Tutoring for all other languages will end on Dec. 19th

Dec 21st (Weds) — End of the Fall Term

The Media Center is open throughout the week with the exception of Saturday and Sunday. We are typically open from morning to evening but please do keep in mind that summer and winter hours may vary. Please view the hours below for our times.

Semester MLMC Daily Hours
Monday 10 AM — 8 PM
Tuesday 10 AM — 8 PM
Wednesday 10 AM — 8 PM
Thursday 10 AM — 8 PM
Friday 10 AM — 5 PM
Intersession MLMC Daily Hours
Monday 10 AM — 5:00 PM
Tuesday 10 AM — 5:00 PM
Wednesday 10 AM — 5:00 PM
Thursday 10 AM — 5:00 PM
Friday 10 AM — 5:00 PM

The Media Center offers plenty of support to students enrolled in language courses. One of the many resouces that is offered is free tutoring. Tutoring runs throughout the day at different times and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Students do not need to make an appointment to meet with our tutors but will instead, need to have their Cuny First / Empl ID on hand for signing in. To see the days and times that tutors are available, please click on the link below to view and/or download the schedule.

Tutoring Schedule

The Tutoring Schedule is finalized and good throughout the academic semester. To view the tutoring schedule, please click the button below.

Click to View Schedule

Tutoring Schedule — Intersession

The summer/winter schedule will reflect tutoring hours for the current intersession. To view the tutoring schedule, please click the button below.

Click to View Schedule

The Foreign Language Requirement at CSI is proficiency based. This means that students have to reach a certain level of competency in a language. Many majors require students to attain an intermediate level of proficiency. For a beginning language learner, this will require three sequential semesters of a foreign language (112, 114, 213).

Students who have previously studied a language or are heritage speakers may be “fast-tracked” and placed directly in 114 or 213-- or the equivalent heritage speakers courses (119, 219)-- reducing the number of semesters of language study required. Students who have experience with a language should take the placement exam in 2S-114 in order to know what level course to begin their studies at CSI.

For more information regarding the Foreign Language Requirement at CSI, please visit the main department FAQ page at: FAQ Page

To view the available dates for the Fast Track Language Placement Exam, please click on the following link: Examination Dates

The Media Center also provides our language students support with their online homework portion. If there is an issue that is out of our hands, the center staff will be able to direct our students to the appropriate support channel.

A tutor is capable of assisting students with any corrections to their online homework but only after an attempt has been made by the student beforehand. In addition, tutors assigned for upper level courses can assist with essay corrections, but only after the essay has been first corrected by their professors.

Materials such as textbooks, workbooks, DVDs, Webcams are available to all students enrolled in a language course. In order to check out these materials, a proper picture ID must be presented and held onto by our lab staff until the materials have been checked back in. The materials themselves can not leave the center but can be utilized for however long while in the lab.

The Media Center strictly follows the rules set forth by the College of Staten Island and the Department of World Languages. We expect all students to adhere to the following:

Address: 2800 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, New York, 10314

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